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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novellas

Welcome x-osnellus, who the author of "Fucking Pterodactyl" a fantasy/sci-fi novella written by Xenophon Oviduis-Sophron-Naso which can be ordered via these Online Booksellers.

Here you can find everything you want to know about Xenophon Oviduis-Sophron-Naso, both as a writer and as a person.

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Fucking Pterodactyl

Published by

Austin Macauley Publishers

Publication Date  2023-03-03

Publication Date 2023-03-03 

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Fucking Pterodactyl



Margareta du Plessis the Republican Madam Prime Minister does "Madam Prime Minister's Questions" as she takes a few swipes at her pterodactyl Democrat opposite by calling him a "fucking pterodactyl" over his sex allegations of her gay brother's doings with a European male whore on live Gay TV the night before, by tossing her half-drunk glass of wine right at him where it just missed him by inches as it pulverized upon the olive-green work-bench right beside him. Madam Prime Minister also had a go at her pterodactyl counterpart over the acquisition of androids which work without any pay and don't require any food, that are set to replace general biological office workers who she's commissioned to immediately work in an Andromeda exotic jewellery mining colony for jewels to be made and sold intergalactically. So, the pterodactyl calls for immediate strikes in the House of Commons, London, circa 30,050 AD. in an alternate sci-fi reality.

Please note that my fantasy/sci-fi novella contains some explicit gay sex w/in it!